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A creative force whose services span between dynamic illustration, web production & savvy startup consultation.

Hailing from 10 yrs in the Advertising industry playing multiple hats and working with a wealth of talented people, I am happy to freelance and travel.

I'm really just Edgar Andrés Zorrilla
Artist, Designer, Startup lover

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A work experience and portfolio that has matured the possibilities of what this force can do for your brand, with a freshness in visual style and thinking that supercedes a bundle of rooted celery sticks pulled out from the earth or a stormy rain that smacks your face in such a sensationally tantilizing manner that even your momma sings "Hallelujah, my child has been baptized!" from 3000 miles away.

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Services Rendered

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Digital Development

Information Architecture, User Experience, Front-end Development.

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Art & Illustration

Murals, Editorial, Stationery, Characters, Art, Drawings, Photo-manipulation, Previsualizations.

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Marketing Consultancy

Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, PR.


Work for PressFriendly

Role: Designer / Front-end. I collaborated with CTO, Paul Denya & CEO, Joel Andren.

I created a variety of landing pages and illustrations for the marketing department, that included shirts and other marketing materials that the company felt opened up the brand's visual communication.

More work

Below is a curated selection of projects fulfilled as agency, freelancer and full time employee.

Fun & diverse times!


Digital: Microsites, Ads, Pitches

Graphics fun!

Haute Athletics

Graphics & Design

For inquiries about specific kinds of work you would like to see:  Email me

See my work in progress blog, Food, Sex, and Art

A minimalist wordpress site I'm working on that aggregates twitter posts with hashtags that interests me, Technology is life

Startup Consultation

Brainstorming about transcending your brand voice and awareness to the next level?

I don't see any reason why any brand is not more active online beside not having the proper advertising & marketing planning. Brands that authentically communicate with their market have better chances of success in sales, meeting goals, and getting trust. PERIOD. Social media analytics allows for a company to measure feedback, engagement, and relevance of its brand.


Art with reason.

You couldn't possibly be evolving with your audience into the next level without careful attention to your visual communication and experiential guidance for your customers. Design is not just pretty colors and shapes. Design is the tool that leverages research, analytics, market discoveries, feedback and messages. TODAY WE DESIGN WITH SUBSTANCE.


Purposeful art, designed for marketing communication.

In virtually any culture we know that Art, within the broad spectrum between simple and complex, can change office morale, stir public conversation, make your audience feel & remember you.
Dynamic bold art experiences that engage and emotionally connect with viewers allow your messages and campaigns to be remembered and take affect. Let's brainstorm together. You know your brand, I know how to make fun, engaging art. Let's make something that impacts, together.